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novice players ruining game

Novice players will often attack one player regardless of what is going on in the game giving the game to the other player is there anyway to play games without novice players

I never play with novices (I boot them from my games) but even beginners and sometimes higher ranked players will make terrible decisions that set others up to win games. A lot of the time it is just because they want to take a continent and aren't looking at the big picture. I try to position myself to be able to profit off that sort of thing but a lot of the time I'm doing all I can just trying to keep my various armies alive.

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I also do my best to avoid provoking my opponents since I don't want to start any senseless fights.

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Yea i run from conflict early

They are like cockroaches.  You boot one, four more turn up.  Useless.

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