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Number of Players should be fixed

I like to play 4 player games. I only want to play with real people. So when I find a 4 player game and then the host waits for it to fill up, adds 2 bots and starts the game, it really pisses me off. The host should have to decide the number of people/bots they want before the game shows up on the choice list. Just like they can't change Manual/Auto or Progrssive/Fixed they shouldn't be able to change the number of players. Or if they do, I should get the opportunity to confirm or leave.

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I agree as I hate it when a room is almost full and I join and it's just bots and the host starts before I even get the chance to leave. I think a players should press an accept button before the host is allowed to start.

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Related question, how can you tell if a player is a bot?

Usually by how bad they are playing lol!

Unlike humans, the Bots tend to fortify troops very randomly and often won't break the continents of other players.

This can quickly ruin games when a human player leaves and the Bot takes over...

We are considering options like these. Its a tough balance to keep everyone happy with this issue.


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