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Unscrupulous game setup

I was just looking for a game and saw one open to 5 players that was set up as what I was looking for. Once I entered the game the Grand Master host quickly added a computer and deleted the other two spots and started the game before I had a chance to leave. I turned off the game before it had even entered the game but when I came back, as I expected, the game was still running and asking if I wanted to enter (i didn't). To be honest I was thinking the other day why I hadn't seen this tactic before and hey presto I see it. Has anyone else seen this done? In guessing for this guy, unless I stayed and beat them, the game was an automatic win and raise in the rankings, while the opposite for me. It makes me think could this guy have gotten to Grand Master just by doing this.

That exact thing happened to me too Paul. I thought it was pretty funny actually, especially since he lost. I lost right after as well, so we both just lost to a bunch of bots. I agree its kind of a shitty tactic

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This happens more often than you think and is definitely another method people have used to unfairly raise their rankings.  There have been requests on this forum to allow players to confirm that they really want to enter the game after the host has started it to guard against this tactic.

I just got out of a game that was going on forever and the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen happened.  Someone attacked my 130 or so troops with only a few more than I had, and after the battle, I was defeated and he still had 130 troops left.  Had to be a glitch in the game, because it's pretty much impossible to have that happen by chance.  Think I will have to open a ticket on that one.


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