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RISK Is Looking For Beta Testers

Hey everyone,

RISK is looking for beta testers to test new updates before they are released. This will help us identify issues with the build before sending it out and ensure quality releases.

As beta tester you will have the opportunity to play and test the new features, tweaks and updates before anyone else, as well as provide feedback on these changes.

It is important to note that you will not be able to play the beta version and the live version of the game on the game device. 

We also suggest making password for your live accounts before switching over, that way you can log back into your old account when you return to live.

If you would like to participate in beta testing, fill out the form below to be considered.

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Do you guys still take beta testers, because the link is dead? Thanks

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Dear SMG, My girlfriend was very disappointed with the results of the most recent Global Domination bug fixes. To be quite honest, I can't say that I blame her. First off, I have yet to wait longer than 5 seconds to rejoin a game if I have been disconnected. Before these so called "bug fixes", I was disconnected every minute or so. Now, on the slim chance a disconnection occurs, it is my own fault because I travel out of my wifi! The recent changes in quality and playability have left her quite concerned. Yes, so I "technically" have played 84 hours since redownloaded it a month ago, but who's counting right? I think we can all agree that just because it might take five minutes to respond to a question,having the occasional 30 minute poop, or the bizarre phenomenon which causes complete and total memory loss of the freshly bought Mcdouble sitting untouched right in front of you....yeah, maybe she has a point, but hey conquering the world isn't as easy as it looks. -Thanks for all the hard work SMG, I friggin love this game. As

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Yo I’d like to be a beta tester my acc is Jaggster17 but the link is dead so is there somewhere else I can go to sign up? Thanks

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Great opportunity for me to get more engaged and throw in some constructive feedback.
Yeah need the new beta tester link please:)
A little feedback: they’re starting to get roll right but, am I the only one that remembers that defense is supposed to be able to choose how many dice they roll? Because ties go to defense, rolling 1v2 is a much better option that we should have

@SectaOne Unfortunately you will not be able to play both the live version of RISK and the beta version on the same device.

The link says: "404: Page not found – the page does not exist. If you typed in or copied/pasted this URL, make sure you included all the characters, with no extra punctuation." Can you help me please? Thank you SMG Studio. I really want to be a beta tester to help you.
Agreed. The link to sign up as a BETA tester no longer functions. If you would kindly provide us with an alternative method of registering, that would be wonderfully appreciated. Namaste 
I'm a premium risk user and am interested in the beta testing. However, I sounds like I need to create a new account if I would to access the non-beta version in addition to the beta version. Would I be forced to choose which account to use premium with or is there a solution where I can use premium for both?

i would like to be a beta tester

Does doing this make it impossible to play the game in its last stable release? Can you play online as a beta tester?
Says page not found
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