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Let's start a Topic about who not to make a allaince with.

Here is one expert that has to loyalty. Make sense that he is a expert a back staber name is " Astor Alphab2"

Here's another D-Bag dont Aline with " Klas Tacer "

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What would you consider the "rules" for an alliance are?  I have made and honored alliances with those who will eventually attack me with little warning.  So, it seems at some point that one must turn on their alliance before getting "bit."  Each person probably has their own definition of how an alliance should work, so it's hard to know what to expect when you make an alliance.  And having someone break an alliance right as they attack you doesn't seem much better than just making the attack "unannounced."  Since you usually do not know who you are playing with, abiding by certain alliance "rules" would appear to be a fools errand in this game. 


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Completely agree Daniel. Many people I have played with don't consider it a betrayal to nibble away at each other. I would never enter an alliance if it meant I literally could not attack them at all. Also, I don't really consider it a betrayal if someone almost takes me out and then an ally finishes me off. They are just doing what they need to do to win.
No rules as far as alliances go. I accept every alliance request no matter what, and I use my "allies" as needed. It's a game. Don't get offended when you get "betrayed." You should be doing the same. Also, I always laugh when I get alliance requests five seconds into a game. When you get an immediate request, it means that player sent one to everyone, and they won't be a useful ally for long.

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When one asks for a allaince and than 2 turns later kills u is kinda gut less. I just came to turns not to except any since alot of players word doesn't mean anything. I have found just a few that asks and hold to the end and if I lose hey by all means I'm not that mad since it was a honerbal player.

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I agree with that assessment, Marc C.  When someone asks for an alliance and attacks hard two or three turns later, that's pretty shady.


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These kind of people ask for an alliance so that you let your guard down on them which I find disgusting

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Honestly, lately I've been setting all users to ignore at start of my games, and my games are more enjoyable. (Expect a feature request from me on this!)

Especially since I've seen a few times a players keeps asking me to ally over and over, and then I can't close that invite windows. Games still playing fine, but half my screen is blocked by the invite window. I have to close out the game and rejoin to solve. 

Another D-Bag is RhapsodicScout1825, who will start an alliance with you, just to attack you the next move when your guard is down. Shady as f.


This guy, Cody Jameson, is a compulsive backstabber. No sense of shame. I was foolish enough to repeatedly ally with him, only to be betrayed a few turns after. The only reason why I accepted his ally requests and sent him requests is because of our similar rank, and because we needed to guard against the lower rank player hiding with massive amounts of troops in Australia. But after a while it became clear he was only interested in attacking me. Throughout the game I never once attacked his continents without provocation, it was only him. This is quite a unique case because I almost never encounter Expert players who behave so irrationally (and dishonestly). It’s like he actually *wanted* to lose and take me down with him. If he was a novice I would have suspected cheating, but he was an expert. Anyway, in the end I finally got fed up and attacked him till half dead and let the Australia player finish him off. I didn’t win the game, but at least I got second place and smashed the idiot back to third place where he belonged. Whenever someone decides to attack me exclusively, I usually end up smashing them back to third place (auto match). This is probably the reason why such players are usually novices. When you attack someone exclusively, you are guaranteed not to win. Higher ranked players (except this Cody guy apparently) tend not tocommit murder-suicide, so they at least win some of the time, allowing them to move up in rank. I know that that’s how I play (unless of course someone does murder-suicide on me, then instead I crush them and play for second place).
It appears to me that if u make an alliance and Don't attack them within 2turns ur accursed of cheating.......a complaint made by a sore loser
I would add Barton Tungsten 10 He followed my turn, proposed at my fortify, and immediately broke. Not one turn of alliance. I had one chance to protect from destruction by fortify, with 5cards next turn. With the alliance, I didn't have to flee Barton's 34 on my 9, keep S Am., And be too strong to be eliminated by 3rd player. It would have made sense for Barton to let me take out 3 instead of position to take Barton's Europe. It was really his proposal to leave myself easy for him to get my 5cards.
Barton Tungsten 10. Proposal and break all in same turn during my fortify to eliminate. If he had waited ONE turn to destroy, I wouldn't have felt "cheated"
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