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Changing game parameters

The host should not be allowed to change game parameters (i.e. Number of players. Adding computer players etc). It's so annoying when hosts create a 4 player game and when they get 4 players they add 2 comps and start the game really quick. There should not be an option to alter the game after creation or every player should have to ok alterations before starting. Hosts that need comps in the game to do well should not be playing the game.

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I completely agree with this. It's the most annoying thing. Changing Game parameters at all should not be allowed. Or if it is allowed, then there should be a delay before the game can start to give the other players a chance to leave.  I do not want to play in games with 4 people or less. I just don't like those games. Likewise, I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't like playing in 6 people games. 

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