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Name and shame the cheats - no discussion just list the cheats

Two to start: Meg - an Annie the rugged 3

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I was dating a guy for nearly 18 years he was 6 years younger than me we have a daughter together I was told by people that knew us both that he was cheating but he denied it then he sent my eldest daughter a dick pick and totally forgot about it until he started being secretive by sleeping with his phone and he was addictive to social media I trusted him until he introduced our daughter to one of his mistress when I confronted him and it he of course denied it so I decided to confront one of his friends who has known him since their school days said that they had a fight because he slept with his fiancée while he was engaged to me and now he’s lying to everyone and I just want everybody to be aware that he’s still cheating with other women and chasing girls that are old enough to be his daughters and this is not the first time that he’s been accused of chasing younger girls because docs stepped in and took our daughter when she was younger and because he’s also a drug abuser but because it couldn’t be proved about the girls nothing could be done about it but I’ve started having young teenage girls who are friends of my son saying that he’s made advances to them so I just want people to be aware because he’s dating a high school teacher at the moment and I know he’s doing the same to her he’s name is David Knopf 

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