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Name and shame the cheats - no discussion just list the cheats

Two to start: Meg - an Annie the rugged 3

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Mario Salas & aguilerasalas7
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How do they cheat? I had a guy dominated, owned all but four territories, he had no army left, 1 card, and suddenly I'm disconnected from the game even though I had 5 bars of service on my wifi. I didnt get his name tho, damn it.
Just Joshn! Able to get a territory card without gaining a territory card. Possibly resetting the game back to the beginning.
RaWulf8 and Yag?zOver - clearly the same player.
James Conklin III (Master) and Chad Jacobs (intermediate). 1 person 2accounts
=Lake 41= and Zelma The Eighth 2.

Luc Buzz 6

Parker Cosmo 4 (aka lotiwin) and Tiger Trenchard 4

Hey guys,

Just a reminder to make cheating reports in support tickets if you want to actually report them. Forum isn't the best place for it.


- Phillip@SMG

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