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Dice rolls

Why does the game have unfair dice rolls. Why has this not been fixed even after multiple players raised concerns about it? If you are not going to fix it please let players know.

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The dice rolls are completely ridiculous. The amount of times I lose all my troops on a 10 v 2 battles is just plain annoying and in no way reflects the odds. The icing on the cake was just now when I had 23 v 5 and I lost all my troops and they only lost 2. The game is just unplayable when it's like this.
Nothing worse when you are about to take control and A Rival attacks your boarder with 1/4 armies and not only wins but continues to take your states 1 by 1 only running out of men because he has to leave 1 behini have seen a guy almost take out the world with less than 30 armies after attacking my boarder with fraction of the me...and seemed as if he knew
The dice rolls are unfair. The game is fun. Just play it for free. It does not work do to the dice rolls being so messed up. They know about it. They are just not going to do anything about it.
Using a probability matrix rather than a RNG saves developers money

It was fine until everyone complained, now we got what we got.

I liked the old dice, did not complain about them, even tried to debate on the forums I liked them just the way they were.

I agree that the new dice suck. Been ranked 2+ million a lot now, where I used to get as high as Export ranked, and had more fun playing!

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Walrath and woodmastet r same player
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