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Site not doing enough to stop cheaters

I think the site isn't doing enough to stop players using multiple accounts and using one account as a suicide bomber to destroy the other players so his real account wins the game. I report cases everyday and yes they deduct points but they don't ban them and that's why it keeps happening

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I agree. I think if you are found to be cheating you should be busted down to novice. I also am going to suggest a feature when you log into a game that shows the number of games played and your three most common "opponents". This would help you know if you might have someone playing with two accounts.

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That's a great idea. Most common opponents. Sadly I think people have read the cheat posts and thought it was a great idea...

I hate cheaters, want to make that clear.

But I politely disagree, that two players playing together is not cheating.

It's cheap game play perhaps, but is part of the game. Some players exploit this feature more than others, I agree, but where is the cheat? As long as both players, even a ridiculous BOT plays under the same rules, same dice odds, etc, I'm fine! Plus how to stop one player playing on WiFi, and another plays on cell towers, now what? Can't stop that!

What if it two friends actually playing together, do you really want that banned, and how exactly should they go about it?

Two quote, "I suck, therefore you must be cheating", and "If the shoe fits" comes to mind.

I wish everyone would stop complaining to SMG to fix something that's not fixable. Understand what a cheat actually is. Never seen someone roll all sixes every time, or freeze all players but them and kill everyone off, how about a nuke in the game, haven't seen that yet either, emphasis GOD mode, can't say I've seen that either. There are a few glitches in the game, but two players ganging up on you is not a glitch, it's a feature, and some players exploit it badly. Some just want to play with their friends. 

Been playing games for 20 years easy, wondering what rules changed where friends are not supposed to play games together. In my past, that was the whole point usually. I used to own a cyber cafe (10 years, woot), and playing games together was amazing! Can't image someone walking in my store and complaining those two players are playing together and I want that fixed.

I would have told them where the door is!

I still love the game, thanks you SMG! I really appreciate your efforts, as cheating in this game is SUPER MINIMAL compared to most.

I don't think anyone has an issue of two friends playing together or having an alliance until everyone else has been eliminated. The issue is a one person playing on two or three accounts. Attacking or targeting one player with one or both accounts and then leaving a very diminished player for its partner (and usually higher ranked) account to benefit from killing him off a gaining the cards. Honestly, I could care less about rank. There is no benefit to being a grandmaster or master. What pisses me off is the waste of time it is for everyone else engaged in a game. Call it what you want "exploit" "cheating" or just plain being a jacka$$, it sucks if you're on the receiving end. In all your experience playing would you want one player controlling two or more armies while everyone else had one? Would that be FairPlay? If you want to control two or more players in the game, just play the AI on easy and save the rest of us the time.


I agree with you, is sucks getting ganged up on, either by two legit players, or otherwise.

I'm making the claim for users to notice the difference between an exploit and a cheat.

Only one if fixable.

But you'll see the feature requests full of users crying out to SMG to fix a cheater to read thru their complaint to once again end up as an exploit and not fixable.

I think you understand by most folks comments that "cheaters" are folks believed to be playing multiple accounts. Your definition of cheating is akin to "hacking". Adding 200 armies, resetting game before losing,etc. it's all semantics. You're correct, you'll never be able to eliminate it, but I have proposed being able to see all players w-l records and most common 3 "opponents" in the lobby while you wait for a game to start. This might give you a heads up that you're running into a compromised game. Also if I'm playing someone who has some ridiculous win %, it might also give me pause.
One way to reduce the number of multi account players would be to make the online games all automatch based on the rules and map you want to play.
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