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Wondering what happens who wins when leaving

Hello just had a game where i was taking over , well ahead of the 2 computer(one was a medium, and one was a player who had left the game), then one other human player was there as well with only 2 countries . Now I'm wondering, because where I left (assuming a CPU played for me) vs the one human player who was left with 1-2 country's and only 2 troops, who is determined as the winner , would i get the victory if the CPU won for me? Or if the other player just leaves what would happen who would get the wi ? Me, blue or green, or no one ?

I think if a it comes down to just AI or if an AI wins then it is like the game never happened.
Wow awesome wel thanks for the response .. Another question, so in a game now winning , so if all other players leave the game , I'm left alone vs a couple AI, if I leave , I don't get the win? So like even if I'm the last human , I thought I might get the win, but you're saying wow ya the game doesn't even happen if I don't actually finish it myself okay

Hi Mark,

If you leave a game you are given a loss and the position you left in e.g if there are 2 others left in the game when you leave, you are 3rd. The AI that takes over for you has no baring on your position. If your AI wins, you do not win and are still given the 3rd place when you left.

As for what happens when you are the last human player and leave. If you leave or disconnect when you are the only human player in the game, the game will close and you are not given a win or loss. This occurs because a game must always have a host and once you as the only available host leave, the game ends.



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What happens if it becomes a one on one between an AI and a human and the AI wins? Does it count as a win for the last human or not at all?

In that situation the player would receive 2nd position as they are meant to for being eliminated by the last remaining opponent in this case, the AI.

Great I'm pretty sure you guys nailed it for me , thanks for the response , and knowing that the game requires a host pretty much answeres it all for me yep thanks again and happy risking ! :)
I do have one more question, say I am in a game with 3 others (2 humans and 1 CPU) , then 2 of the humans besides me leave. So now it's just me and 3 CPUs playing aka I'm the host, does this mean if I just leave I get the win?, or I've got to play It out and beat all the AI to get the win ya?
All these guys left but I'm hoping to get the win and beat them all :)
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Ahhhh epic game!:) I'm trying to come back and beat all the AI.. even those these are AI, I still get credit for beating the person human right? Yes as long as I stay and beat them eh by :) Aghhhhh crazy game I'm coming back yaaaa! Close one but I got it I think !:)
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Yessss alright sweet:) I got this won now, so I still get credit where as I played it out eh , where I beat all the players ( or Syked them out and they left lol) but either way I stuck it out and beat everyone there as host so I get the win, so i guess my question was: if I had just left the game , when it was just me There left would I have won ?
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Sorry for all this lol admins pls feel free to delete these past few posts
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Yes you still get credit for beating them as if they were human players. If you had left, no you would not been given the win.

The easiest way to think about it is. If a player leaves, they loose, but you still have to beat their AI to get the win. 

Now I just had another game, so this last game, I was the last human in the game, red just left , and I'm killing his 2 counties , but another player green left and the AI just beat me , where I am the last human In the game do I get the win? Or does the CPU green?

The green CPU gets the win, but the player who left does not. You need to actually win the game to get a win.

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