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Can't scroll through available games fast enough...anyone else?

I feel for the SMG technicians! It seems as soon as they fix one glitch or problem a new one pops up! Today, I'm wanting to play Risk so I start scrolling through the games currently waiting for players and the screen indicates that there are 30 games - much more than usual. The problem is that as quickly as I tried to scroll through the games, going both directions, up and down, the screen kept resetting and sending me near the front. I'm guessing that new games were coming on and existing games were starting but I could never get past the 7th game listed - it kept dropping me back to the lower numbers: 1-6. Anyone else Having this problem? This is getting so frustrating!

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Lots of people are having the issue, as there is another thread about this floating around.


I didn't see another thread on this subjectl - do you have a link? Seems as if we're going from one glitch to another!
Thanks Daniel!
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