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Unlimited troops hack?

Obvious blatant cheat by Marvin villalta

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Dean Ambrose CHEATS is a HACKER!!! First turn he suddenly had 9,999 armies!!! Then taunted the other five players

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every game is hacked...i want my tokens and rank back

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Yeah this doubling troops happened to me today..the guy did it over and over..i want mt money back im so pissed

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Davidleboss79 does this..i want him punished

Gustaf Poppins 14 Cheats 100 troops appear just as he's being destroyed

Doubling happened against me twice today versus Sterling the Sly 13 (ranked Master). 

He was getting whipped and had one territory with most of his troops. He kept putting his troops in that territory every turn but not attacking... just building that number up for 10+ turns. Eventually he had 85 troops and he attacked an opponent who had 1 troop. At the end of the battle, he had 85 troops in each territory! Two turns later, after building one of those territories up to 105, he did it again. He attacked a territory, won and than had 105 troops in both territories. At that point he had over 300 troops when three turns earlier he had 85 (at which time I had nearly 180 troops by actually playing the game). Of course he went on to win. Please disable this hack. If this garbage continues, I will move on to another form of entertainment.

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