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Crazy last few days with Risk

What is going on in the world of Risk? 1. Player listed last now goes first 2. First player to begin game draws no armies on turn #1 3. Crazy dice odds which favor numerically inferior defenders 4. Random arrangement of armies at start favors one player Today, the first 2 games I tried, another player has their armies "randomly" placed so that they can easily take a continent on their very first turn. On one game, it was North America! How can you hope to win? And, to make matters worse, another player and I each tried to break through with numerically superior odds on dice and we both got whipped! I mean losing 7-8 armies and the other person losing only 1! Those are the games I quite immediately because there is no hope of winning once that player fortifies and I don't even have a continent. Is this just "random" bad luck?

Its no only you, it a new glitch since l did update.
It's not a glitch. The last player has the biggest disadvantage because they have to withstand the attacks of all the other players before arming up and fortifying. SMG recognized this and made theses changes to allow the last player a chance to attank and fortify to gain a risk card and protect themselves. I like the new rule.
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