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I have reported all the cheaters that I know for sure in the game because some of them are very obvious. However, this issue has yet to be resolved. I would like to be able to get back into the game after being wiped so that I can see the end of the game and figure out who's cheating for real. This game is not fun at all if people cheat and I am considering to find something else more entertaining and healthy to play.

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Matt L - To be honest I don't see your point. Who cares how we call it. Exploit, cheat, w/e. The match making system the others have mentioned is definetely a good way towards fixing this problem. And it would allow people to play against players of the same ranking as theirs. How many times have you joined a game where the other players are nowhere near your rank level, and before realizing it the host launches the game, forcing you to play nevertheless? Or join a game with some random guy + 4 bots with no time to leave before the game starts. If I want to play against bots I will just play single player. So please stop your never-ending speeches about exploits vs cheats and start using your brain a little. You've got your head in the sand right now...

Saying playing on two devices is an exploit, as in not fixable. You can't fix a person from being a loser when playing a game. You can fix a cheater who uses a hack or program to roll all sixes.


There is a difference between an EXPLOIT and a CHEATER!

- Only one is fixable!





To make this apple to apples...

You say basketball, ok, say eight people, eight hoops, highest score wins.

But, one person decides to throw the game and help another player, even so blatantly to make shots in the other person basket, very obvious.

- Not cheating, just very cheat game play, and a very poor winner/loser.


Read the rule book, and you wont find it saying you can't do that, so not even a referee issue.

Even in the NFL you can run in the wrong direction, and the referee will let you.


Same for Risk, the other player is still playing by the rules, and using the same dice.


Where or when is SMG supposed to step in and fix it. I'm saying they can't, as it's just a player playing dirty, but not cheating.

SMG can only fix cheats!



Guillaume Soucy, 


You ask who cares of it's an exploit or a cheater.

I say it's very important to understand the difference, as you can't fix an exploit as it's a playing by the rules but playing unfair or cheap.


If anyone can show me the rule nook saying one player cannot help another, then I would almost agree he is cheating, but still not fixable.

That is exactly our point : you can fix this exploit with the implementation of an automated match making system. Your argument is invalid. Btw another loser with two accounts tonight : Fruit252 & Michael Evensen. Red goes on on me instead of green when there is 1 card to gain. Stupid idiot.
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If you remove the option to allow players to play together ((join as friends), then yes this would remove that option to exploit that feature. Still saying it's not cheating, as in something SMG should fix.

I do think it would be a good option to remove joining with friends as this is being exploited WAY TOO MUCH!

Shakers 44 and Rob Winkle 3 both cheaters. So hard to play a game without a cheater anymore it's sad
"Chriswilson418 5" is another one. Disgusting! Or flattering I'm not sure :) An expert player needs to take 40 mins and 2 computers to defeat my single cell :)
Everyone use 2 devices! That way we're all equal! ;)
They should make all online games automatch based on your rules and map choices. Making it harder for multi account users to get in the same game.

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Tired of players with multiple accounts and you have no chance of winning the game is getting old fast

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I agree Jim, it is pretty much making the game unplayable and no fun. They need to find a solution otherwise most of us are going to just quit.


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So many grandmasters are cheaters. Most of the time 2 grandmasters and 1 intermediate by the same player. Frustrating. Should be easy to check the playing-history of all the grandmasters and kick the cheaters out.

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Johan, as a grandmaster myself, I don't think you are right about cheating. Experience gives players an advantage. I've played about 1500 games, and I think I've only played a single person using multiple accounts a handful of times. (When I take out 1 player and another immediately quits is when I draw that conclusion.) I win most games because I play better than most other players. I suspect sour grapes over losing makes you think more people are cheating than actually are. (And yes, I play under my real name.)

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John Betancourt, you are right. It was the sour grapes over losing against cheaters. Sorry for the exaggeration. The facts: last week I ended up twice in a 4-player game with 1 player playing 3 accounts. Both times it were 2 grandmasters and 1 intermediate. Thanks for your balancing reply. I'm going to give it another go! Meet you a the top :-) (Playing under JoFed, master)

Red/Green didn't attack each other once unless it was absolutely necessary. I don't get it... is that fun? I kinda had fun seeing how long I could last but you know it was my first experience of clear cheaters so I doubt I'll be in such good spirits next time. When you add it to the constant errors updating my score my ranking isn't going anywhere fast. Big shame this app is so disappointing
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Hamilton Smoothbore 5. A grandmaster level player is cheating. Had only 2 cards and added more troops each and every turn
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