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When does a game count towards my ranking?

 Hi so i've recently started playing this game. It's quite fun and am playing a bit. When I play global domination mode, most of the players have left well before the game is over. This is because they're at a disadvantage and would not likely come back from their positions. I know the players have left because when i flip over their playing cards all interaction buttons have disappeared, like "attack this player" etc.

In these circumstances I do not like to continue playing because I will just be left tediously grinding it out with a bunch of computer players, and the game no longer becomes competitive. In these situations I will leave the game too (when all the other players have left). To exit the game I click on the flag to surrender after opening the settings tab. I am currently of the opinion this wasn't its intended purpose because I get the message "If you exit now you will lose the match" or something along those lines. This leaves me to think that even though I have technically one, because I am the last player left in the match who hasn't actually surrendered. I feel like I will not be getting credit for the win because the warning says that I will lose. Is this message accurate? Do you really not get credit towards your rank if you are the last player left in the match to surrender? I feel like this isn't accurate unless this is actually how the ranking system works. Could someone please confirm this?

Regards, Kevin

Bump. Also interested in this answer. Other games like Splendor make it clear when all other players have left that you can "quit and win".
I would like to know as well. I had a game yesterday that went over an hour. I was about to win by taking over the last territory and When I rolled and won, the game hung up on me. I waited 10 minutes as I wanted to invite one of the players as a friend. But eventually the game said “do you want to rejoin your previous game?”. But it would not reconnect of course. My ranking seemed to drop by 3000 the next day so I am guessing it didnt even register as a win for me.
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