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Players who just don't have a clue infuriate me.

 I was just playing a game where it was down to 3 of us.  Blue, Green, and me. 

Green had most of Europe and all of Africa.  Blue and I had generally been ignoring him because he was no threat.

Blue had North America and South America but only had 5 troops at the European entrance after I had attacked him there the last turn.

I had Australia and a lot of Asia but I only had 1-2 troops in my Asian territories and 20 men at the entrance of Australia and few spread across Europe.  I was the weakest but was getting ready to trade in cards my next turn.

So what does green do instead of attack blue to keep him from holding NA?  He attacks my few guys to secure Europe even though there was NO POSSIBLE WAY HE COULD HOLD IT lol.

So next turn Blue secures NA, gets his card and secures NA.  I traded in my cards and attacked NA and broke through but only had a few troops there so blue was just going to take it back the next turn.

So his next turn.....what does Green do instead of attacking Blue when he was vulnerable?  He takes back Europe even though THERE IS  NO WAY HE COULD HOLD IT and lets Blue keep NA.

So next turn I'm out of options, I can't stop Blue from holding NA, I get a card and retreat to Australia.  Blue starts attacking Asia and what does Green do?  He attacks Asia too....but just to collect a card...... while blue fortifies NA and SA.

I ended up just attacking Green and taking away his Europe and Africa bonus for getting us both killed but it's infuriating how clueless some players are.  I mean the green player was either godawful or the Blue player was just using two accounts.  I didn't stick around to find out which it was but these numbskulls who sit there and let a player right next  to them take over territory after territory just baffle me.  It's like they're not even trying to win, they're just collecting cards.  What good does taking over a territory do if you only have a few troops?


I just had someone pull a noob move on me. With 3 players left I had 50% of total troops then players 2 and 3 had 40% and 10%. So I had the dominat position and an effective alliance with the player at 10%. We had not attacked each other all game. He was a beginner while the 40% was an expert. All my alliance member had to was sit back and wait as I repeatedly chipped away at number 2. My alliance member could have had second place but instead he decided on a suicide run against me that left him with 5 troops while I still had about 100 and the number 2 had about 100. Well he guaranteed himself third place with that move. Now head to head and evenly matched we went on for about 30 minutes back and forth before I lost. So I could have won and brought my alliance member along for second. But because of his noob move I finished second and he finished third. It happens, I am over it. I chose to align with a low level player and I got an appropriate result because of it.

I was barred from Discord because I said I thought progressive was like Bingo.  People lost their shit over that and acted like i'd insulted their mother.  

I'm ranked Expert now and it is amazing how many idiots attack you when you reach that rank.  I just lost a game because I was surrounded by 2 novice players and a bot.

The two novice players attacked territories of mine that had 6 and 7 men in them in the first 2 turns.  There was no tactical reason to do this, I assume they did it because I was an Expert or they were someone's sock account.  All it did was weaken all of us.

A bot just kept spawning right next to me and wiped out my territories with the few survivors from the two novice player attacks.

By the time I got three cards I was down to 7 men in on territory and one of the novice players who attacked me was next to me with 4 men, he got to turn his cards in first and finished me off.

So much of this game is just dumb random chance but it's maddening to lose to an idiot just because they got to turn their cards in first.

I've noticed the higher your rank though the more you get attacked by these dummies.  It's hard to tell if it's someone cheating or if they're really just that stupid.

Simply put, they attacked you because you are a higher rank than them. Dont play with novices. There is a reason that they are ranked as novices. Dont expect logical play because they are not likely too.

Create your own games or set the filter to one rank below yours   That helps a lot with toxic players.   Only problem is when you're an Expert playing Inters.  The latter are like ruthless VPs gunning for promotion.   

Higher ranked players are targets. Thats the way it will always be. Avoid playing with novices and beginners.
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