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I quit

I have been playing this game for a few months now pretty regularly. When it works, it’s great. When it doesn’t, I want to throw my phone through a window. Despite playing it regularly, I gave a 2 star review previously and some extensive feedback on the Apple store. I read this forum and realised I wasn’t alon and some of these issues have been going on over a year. With the new update I figured, since these should be priority fixes, as they are major glitches that affect a game, I figured they would be fixed. I was wrong. The worst glitch seems to happen when a connection drops whilst you are moving troops. If this happens due to putting the phone to sleep by pressing the on/off button your game will reconnect but the connection dialogue won’t disappear not allowing you to play (haven’t tested since the new update). On other occasions when the game reconnects YOUR ENEMY WILL NOW HAVE YOUR TROOPS. Today I was playing, and was happy with how I was going in a game. In what should have been my final play to win the game (against a grandmaster no less), I moved my troops to my won territory, the game lost connection then reconnected to now have BOTH MY WON TERRITORY AND THE TERRITORY I WAS MOVING TROOPS FROM BOTH WITH THE MAXIMUM TROOPS I HAD FROM ONE TERRITORY NOW GIFTED TO MY OPPONENT. Needless to say, my opponent with a 60 troop bonus. I did not win. It’s a hard enough game as it is when playing against others. I don’t need to get shit on and frustrated by glitches. At the risk (?) of coming across as an asshole; this is a board game, why are there such bad glitches? Therefore, I quit, I won’t be recommending the game to anyone, won’t be buying any more new maps. If these glitches are fixed then, maybe, I will return to this game. ( I have attached some pictures of a previous incident where you can clearly see the glitch. In this picture it is my go (green). I have just won a territory and am moving troops to it. The game glitches and that territory became yellow. In the picture it is 4 but I was still able to move troops, essentially deciding how many troops to place on the now enemy territory, which should be mine. I have attached a picture of the most recent incident where it is not so obvious. I am blue. I have also attached the player profiles just in case SMG actually wants to track down which match it was and fix the problem)
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