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Gang of cheaters. Very obvious!

So I was hosting one of my usual games when I noticed that 2 players were running a blitz strategy with absolutely no reinforcements left on each others borders. Obviously not concerned that one of them might attack the other. I looked at the profile names of the 3 players and it became obvious that these guys were running a team strategy. All 3 players names ended in the number 17. After easily being destroyed, I logged into several other games and found a correlation of players on games with their names ending in 17. I also noticed some correlation with other numbers such as 16, 15, and 14, although I don't know for sure if players with these numbers are teaming. The number 17 however is very clear and obvious! Now I've seen other players complain of cheating when it really wasn't clear and things just didn't seem to be going their way. This is not the case in my situation. I've been playing this version of the game for several years and have a Master rating. I know that sometimes players don't attack each other simply because its not in their strategic best interest. This is not the case here. When 2 players are running Blitzkrieg across the map with total disregard for the security of their mutual borders, and all 3 players have a screen name that ends with 17, and further more, several other games are showing this same correlation, then there's no doubt whatsoever that we have a gang of cheaters! Ironically, most of these players have very weak ratings. Which perhaps shows why they cheat. They simply have no strategic skills! Pathetic children using unethical behavior to give themselves a sense of accomplishment rather than becoming better through trial and error and logical reasoning. 

It makes no sense to me: why do a human cheater should choose to help you to understand he's a cheater ?  Those 17s are part of computer generated names.   Anyway: did you play against all of them  or you gave up to as soon as you saw those 17s ? 

Add Clement Scorchio 17 to that list of cheaters
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