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Computer controlled players

You need to fix this serious bug of the computer taking over games of people that quit. It's not fair to those of us that stay. The computer games don't do anything during the timer. I refuse to play any game now that has a timer more than 60 seconds. It tiring to sit there and wait and because of this I lose ranking. Which brings me to my next question. If I finish 3rd for example out of 6 players but let's say the other 5 left left. Do I technically finish 1st because I beat the human opponents that left and were taken over by the computer? I hope this gets resolved and ranking is restored.

Yeah was going to comment about this too but found others have as well. Don’t see any responses yet from SMG hoping they’ll fix the inactive issues soon. Maybe a ticket would help

It's good when, for some reason, you lost the connection: we'll have the chances to go back to play . But I think after a time out of maybe 10 minutes (or 3 o 4 rounds ) the computer  should just deploy the troops without waiting the end of the turn.    

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This was sent to me today by the Risk management the issue with AI taking over will be resolved in the next version. As for your question - The last HUMAN player standing gets the world ranking points for the victory, so if players dropped out and only AI remained you are in terms of ranking the winner.

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