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The Cheating is Worse than Ever

I took a break for a while because the cheating was making playing this game miserable.  After giving it another try i've come back to find it worse than ever.

Players are able to hack the dice so that they consistently win large dice roll margins despite being outnumbered.  25 on 28?  Player with 25 wins by 11...every time.  

Played just recently and was about to attack a territory with 1 troop in it.  Suddenly I was disconnected.  When reconnected the territory now had 23 troops.

The ONLY way to stop collaboration cheating is to randomly assign players to games.  Even creating my own games I find brazen collaboration.

But as I've said before, SMG sells more games to people with multiple accounts.  So they tacitly encourage cheating.

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They aren't cheating. It's just a bug. I am technologically challenged. I do not possess a specific set of skills that allows me to hack anything. Copy/paste is a struggle for me. The struggle is real. Anyway, a 9 attacked my 1. The game froze. When it came back, my 1 turned into an 8, and the attacker's 9 turned into a 1. Point is, I benefited from this "cheating." I gathered my troops into one large army and took it to a neutral continent and signed off. Please don't accuse people of cheating when you don't know the facts.
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