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Fuckin pissed at these cheaters. An account under the name (davidleboss) and ppl like him somehow waot until thebclock runs out and then doubkes there numbers somehow. And constantly dod it thats how i know it wasnt a was the biggest bullshit i ever seen and me and 10 of my friends are probably going to leave amh and risk unless he is punished. We pay for this game and guys like him come in and cheat and waste our time and money..we are fuckin fed up..fix the god damn glitch

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Dude I just open a new topic with that same issue... Now more and more people is doing that shittttt... I want my fucking money back.... I have seen at least 5 different people doing it, getting double of the troops just by attacking one sec before the time runs out and getting double of troops...
Add 57Cliff57 to the list of cheaters! He doubled his troops to 10:1 over the last 2 of us!
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