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Where are the grandmasters

I must have played 3,000 Plus games in the last 3.months that’s roughly 12,000 opponents plus the thousands who join games and leave before they start. In all that time I have seen one grand master and maybe 100 masters Where are they. When’d do they play Do they have to play to stay grand masters or once they gain the status can they sit back

I personally have five accounts that have active grandmaster status. I rarely play with any of them because it is very difficult to find high ranked opponents to play against. Right now I mainly play with two other accounts that do not yet have grandmaster rank (I use one of these accounts for progressive and the other for fixed). The actual ranking of my accounts remains constant unless I play but my position relative to others has steadily fallen over time as more and more accounts reach the top ranks. Now to be clear many grandmaster accounts (especially those at the top of the leaderboard) are those of cheaters who play with multiple accounts in the same game. I wish more were done to detect cheating because my position would be greatly improved by the removal of the cheaters’ accounts. Also it’s lame that 1v1 players are ranked ahead of people like me who play five human opponents. Nearly all grandmasters, cheaters or otherwise, host their own game and you are highly unlikely to have them join a game that you or anyone who isn’t a grandmaster is hosting.
Great answer Very informative It actually makes me feel good that my master status has been achieved with no cheating and one account

People with more than one account should be banned lol!

True - I've only seen one Grandmaster (who turned out to be a frikkin cheater!) and maybe a dozen or so Masters...

The numbers are constantly in flux - but I was back to being Master when my rank got above 8000... and from what I can remember, you need to be above about 800 or so to reach Grandmaster

Which means, out of maybe 4 million players - there are only 0.002 percent who are Master/Grandmaster!

This mediocre ranking system needs to be completely changed - why the hell don't they use official military ranks ffs... SMG love to re-invent the wheel, and always do a poor job!

Not all grandmaster are cheaters. I have been playing for a while. I have one board, France, that I love and do well at. If I feel like the game is a setup, I just doing hit accept after the game starts. I get booted from games all the time. I like playing with master's and above because they typically don't go kamikaze in the game.

I happen to be a grandmaster.  I play everyday, but yes/no I play.  However, after going from grandmaster to master and below, it's kinda of hard to get back to grandmaster again.  So I play novice and beginners and there is a reason for this.  I kinda of like to teach others about how the computer plays.  I give them hints (the best I can), and etc..  There are some novice that do beat me, but I think either they are cheaters or they have a battle field mind like me, as I use to do this type of work in the Army.  

I have never played against a GM that wasn’t cheating. Not once

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How do you communicate with other players? DAN
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