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Cheater one Ally a time option

I think this game would have a better feel if we at least level the playing field the same as if we were at our kitchen tables. What I mean is the game needs to have either one Ally at a time or at least on the player tabs show who else they are allied with besides you. I think this would alleviate the thought of literally being ganged up on the entire game. It feels like you were invited to a dorm party and you're the joke. I'd rather reports that no one's cheating and everything is just fine and I do realize that family members play from the site same IP address. However let's get real. Mark Ally cards.

This is a good solution. I quite like this.



Yeah that be sweet to have a little clearer picture of who's allied with who and what not but none the less I know you get a lot of complaints and people nitpick and stuff but all in all the game is addictive as all
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