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Ranking points returned when players cheat.

The site is not doing enough with cheaters. I'm sick and tired of players cheating and the site sending forum template responses saying that they will decide. When a player cheats we as players suffer because the site deducts Ranking points from us. It's just not good enough.

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Snowy Owl,

I hate cheaters, but what exact cheat have you seen?

If your complaining about players ganging up on you, that is not cheating and not fixable by developers.

It's cheap game play for sure, but they are still using all the same dice, etc as you are. No actual cheats!

An actual cheat is rolling all sixes, unlimited troops, an actual advantage other than another player helping them who also is not using an actual cheat.

Matt L you are wrong. Collusion is cheating. Read the rules on this website. By your definition, cheating is impossible and therefore a non topic.

They just wrote that, I posted that a year ago.
Per the rules, can you prove intention?

One player joins a game, allys with stranger in the game and they both play together to win. Same players joins with friend with intention to play together to win.

Can you prove intention to ban someone.

Sure, technically your right... I only ask developers to write good code to prevent actual cheats, but don't  expect them to baby sit how get along as players.

But yes, your right if that what your looking for :)

Cheating is real.
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