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I like to check the leaderboard every couple days or so and I saw that Toeny88 was making a serious run, getting into the top 10 and then rising to i think 4th, then they disappeared. I also so their name in a post about cheaters. Anyone know what happened?

I've seen it before where that sort of thing happens. When SMG conducts a cheating investigation and decides someone has cheated they deduct ranking points. That knocks Grandmaster cheaters off the leaderboard. I sometimes wonder how many top 50 accounts are cheaters. I suspect that it is a higher percentage than any other group.
If you see an account that always moves up the leaderboard and never moves down that is suspicious.
Yeah, "Tofie" has made a crazy run for the last few weeks, only upward movement and now at 3rd place. Granted I have had some pretty good win streaks but nothing like that. I also wonder how many of the leaderboard are cheaters, and like you I suspect there are more than a few.
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