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game cheating

black & red players are cheating in risk game. time: 15 minutes before

Caught another player using 2 accounts. They never attacked me until the one locked up his 2 continents and when one would normally attack it with having greater numbers, the one laughs at me, and then the other one comes down to eliminate me. It was Clearly 1 player using 2 accounts.

I am tired of players using two cheats 1) freezing me out and loosing totally all contact with the game 2) moving Very very fast over the board and Can conquer great part of the board in no Time at all which is very utom in an end game
I believe there are online RISK players who have a hack to make their opponents disconnect/drop connect, like sending a particular opponent spam download/upload packets to their ip. As well as a hack to make their opponents draft interface button not be responsive causing the player to run out of placement time while the game still flows fine but draft interface button is unresponsive, which makes that player being hacked just quit/surrender or close out app completely. I experience this often when playing against someone who takes their win/loss seriously as they have high ELO ranking and I am winning them. Then they do teasing emotes as they are hacking me with that cheat/hack program whichly obviously exposes them as using this hack on me.

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The game seems to be full of cheaters lately; one player using multiple User names. 

Not enjoyable to play this game anymore

I played my usual game/ fog of war only 1 human opponent to avoid the cheaters using 2 or more accounts. Now they are obviously hacking into the game- my human opponent got 6th position to start. At start of second round he attacks my 2 armies with 33 armies/ impossible to have that many armies amassed after only 1 round. At start of third round he already controlled both Australia and all of asia/ getting 15 bonus armies. Again, impossible unless you start the game with something like 50 armies or more. The smg people say they take cheaters seriously, but the in app way to report cheating is so difficult to do/ by time I realize what’s going on/ the game is over/ I can’t report the cheater during game while it’s happening. Total Bull.

One such cheater is MATTHEW HENRY, from Australia.

|In a World Domination game with him and 4 Ai players, but NONE of the AI players have attacked him yet.

Care to explain this??

heres another cheater - JAMES, from USA.

Uses multiple accounts, one goes offline and attacks your positions, never JAMES'.

Second account he uses it DANIEL ANDERSON, also from USA

Add HUXLEY THE BEAR 31, from Canada, to the list of cheaters.

Cheating at online Risk on Canada Day - shame on you HUXLEY THE BEAR 31

SILENT GINA from USA is a cheater, playing under a second name GENERAL AMANO, also of USA

In another game now with the cheater DANIEL ANDERSON of USA, this time his second account is XSESSIVE GAMING, also of USA.

SMG, do you ever intend to do anything about these cheaters?

Are LINWOOD TAKANO and GENERAL HAMAMOTO 9515 the same person? They sure play as if they are!

FREEDA TIN LEGS 17 and GENERAL SOW 9272 are the same person ( who also happens to be a CHEATER!!!)

Computabuda  and  c0ntinue,  both from USA, are the same player. Cheaters!!

XSESSIVEGAMING  and  BERNARD  STRONG 12,  both from USA are the same person. XSESSIVEGAMING has already been identified as a CHEATER, along with his other aliases DANIEL ANDERSON and JAMES.

SMG, are you going to do something about this???

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