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Level 65 on switch in unfinishible.

Any possible solution requires at least on bot to be moved with the moving platforms, which move when blue trigger activates.

I've tried multiple times - any time the platform is moving bots are falling down.

It's not because of lazer. They got showed off for unkonw reasons. Sometimes it looks that it's because of red cannon. Sometimes a bit before.

I thought it's a positioning issue. I've watched walkthrough - I did precisely same moves, still bots fall down from the platforms. I tried hundrets of pixel-by pixel compositions of where the bot could stay so it wouldn't fall down - it always  falls down.

This fix is in the pipe and just needs to be approved. Give it a few days.



OMG, I was going crazy trying to get past this level! I finally gave up, looked up a video with someone solving it, was totally confused why that solution didn't work for me, and now reading this... :::sigh::: lol I'm annoyed I spent so much time trying to solve something that couldn't be solved, but relieved that it wasn't me not being smart enough that was the issue. Though, it does suck that my total number of deaths is so much higher because of an unsolvable level. Anyway...Team SMG, it's been a few days, any update on when the fix is coming? I wanna finish the story mode. Thanks.

Has a bug in the switch version been fixed? ive been attempting it for a wile and it is unsolvable. 

The fix has been out for awhile now. We did change the level a bit though, so guides and walkthroughs you find online might not be accurate. We can assure you it is solvable.

- Phillip@SMG

The version from Twitch Prime still suffers from this problem.  I read somewhere else that it's caused by a performance issue where the physics can't keep up.  Based on that, I reduced the quality level to Best Performance and turned the anti aliasing option all the way down and that worked around the problem and I was able to complete the level.

We'll take a look and maybe do another update. Sorry!


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