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game cheating

black & red players are cheating in risk game. time: 15 minutes before

Caught another player using 2 accounts. They never attacked me until the one locked up his 2 continents and when one would normally attack it with having greater numbers, the one laughs at me, and then the other one comes down to eliminate me. It was Clearly 1 player using 2 accounts.

I am tired of players using two cheats 1) freezing me out and loosing totally all contact with the game 2) moving Very very fast over the board and Can conquer great part of the board in no Time at all which is very utom in an end game
I believe there are online RISK players who have a hack to make their opponents disconnect/drop connect, like sending a particular opponent spam download/upload packets to their ip. As well as a hack to make their opponents draft interface button not be responsive causing the player to run out of placement time while the game still flows fine but draft interface button is unresponsive, which makes that player being hacked just quit/surrender or close out app completely. I experience this often when playing against someone who takes their win/loss seriously as they have high ELO ranking and I am winning them. Then they do teasing emotes as they are hacking me with that cheat/hack program whichly obviously exposes them as using this hack on me.
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