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game cheating

black & red players are cheating in risk game. time: 15 minutes before

encounter 2 cheaters in a game yesterday JAMIE and  LAMBERT MASTERSON 34,  both from USA.

Toady in a game with LAMBERT MASTERSON 34  and  WHITE SHADOW,   also from USA. 


NERO STRINGER 14 and  IVAN STEELE 23, both from GERMANY, are the same person. REPORT THESE CHEATERS!!!!

more CHEATERS - JOSH HEITZMAN and GENERAL CHEESE 13382 both of USA are the same player.


Same player using 3 accounts -watch out for GENERAL COURAGE 12037, EBBA SHIBA, and  FRANCES TRENCHARD 5, all from USA and all CHEATERS!!

Watch out for GENERRAL KANNAN 5445 and GENERAL BASSI 13226, both of Canada. CHEATERS. Same player using 2 names!!

GENERAL KANNAN 5445 and GENERAL BASSI 13226 most obvious example of cheating thus far..

Enjoy your upcoming suspension, CHEATER!!!!

ARTHUR YOSHI 10, TESSA, and REUBIN OVERKILL, all from USA, are all the same person WHO CHEATS AT RISK!! Enjoy your upcoming suspension, CHEATER!!

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