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Hi, I recently paid up and went premium. I'm not happy however when I start a game and see someone with 2000 ( yes two thousand ) troops. I have taken a screenshot of this. Sort it out please.
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I played game for an hour and had it won with only two countries left to kill off then G3-lock, locked the game up. Guess we know where the name came from.

Game is awful now everyone cheats. You roll 20 times against them and they roll 6 every time! Really! Make the game fair and enjoyable against with an even playing field please. Right now it truly sucks.

It is a good game it SMG that is the problem.
Wow and I thought it was annoying when people just go offline instead of resigning :/

The biggest problem is people using multiple accounts. I used to play a lot, I quit for probably around a year.  I played occasionally but rarely.

Anyway, I come back after not playing much for a year and because of the quarantine I've been playing a lot the past week.

I would say close to 50% of the games I've played have had someone using multiple accounts and those are just the ones I'm 100% sure on, many times I suspect a player is using multiple accounts but don't have proof.

  I just lost another one, I sat there and watched after I was eliminated....the other player was red and purple.  He kept sending red after me until I was defeated then red just sat there fortifying as purple took over the world.

It's absolutely infuriating to lose to some clown using two accounts after you've been playing for an hour or two.

I take screen shots and fill out tickets but it takes 10 minutes to do that and I have to do it all the time. 

I paid $6.99 or whatever this POS game costs and it is completely broken because of the cheaters and cheating.

Some player using the dice during the game, just from their end not from my side, which make me slow and they keep moving fast. No one aloud to use the dice. Anyway, how I can switch to use the dice?
You can tap the arrows next to the dice when you attack to switch between manual and blitz rolls.
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