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Expert and up games

For anyone who is interested I plan to host games for accounts ranked expert or higher. If sufficient interest develops I will post a play friends game ID here when I'm setting up a game. I will be hosting the games using my Game Center account S3ctaOne which is ranked master (around #910 at the moment). Games will be automatic setup on the classic map with progressive card bonus and a three minute turn timer. Please leave a comment if you are interested with your in-game username and rank class.

I am about to set up the expert+ game. I will leave it open for about 15-20 minutes or until I have six players and can start.
So what ended up happening was I couldn't get an all expert or higher game so I played intermediate and higher. The most expert or better accounts I could get more in the same lobby at the same time never exceeded three. I didn't see anyone from this forum. If we find a time when more people can participate I think we can get six experts in one game.
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