Due to recent changes in the systems working in the background, we had to change the friend invitation feature.

In 'Play friends' mode, select the 'Friends' button show below.

1) Search for friends using their RISK Profile Name

This is the most powerful, BUT only works if you have a RISK Profile Name. If you Have a RISK Profile name, you can then search for other users with RISK Profile names using the search field shown below. Just type in your friend's RISK profile name. Make sure this is not their social account name. 

2) You logged in via Facebook / Game Center / Google play and don't have a RISK Profile name

You can easily attach a RISK profile name to your account. Simply go to the settings page and create one. 

You can then search for friends with RISK profile names, and they can search for you.

HOT TIP: You can also add new friends at the end of Global Domination of Play friends multiplayer battles.