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Game setup - no alliances

I would greatly like to have a game setup option that allows "no alliances". I understand that many players like the treachery involved, and they are welcome to join games / create games with that option, but I would like the option to play other non-ally players. Best individual game strategy wins, not best manipulation, best betrayal, or best 2v1.

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Beware of cheaters that issue alliance requests to make you waste time refusing them just as you about to eliminate a player and take over his cards with precious time left! From now on I will ignore all other players.

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I came on here just to suggest this exact idea. Since this is such a polarizing issue, it seems like this would be one of the most important options to offer. It also seems like one of the easiest changes to make from a coding standpoint.
Please offer a toggle button in setup options for alliances, just like automatic/manual territory selection!


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I think this is a great suggestion and I would love to see it become a game option.

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Love this idea!

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