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Turn Timer Extension after Opponent Defeat

The risk timer would be reset or partially reset after defeating an opponent. This would allow more time for drafting after territory card seizure additional attack, and fortification. It would also eliminate the forfeiture of seized cards and bonus troops if an opponent is defeated directly before the turn timer expires.

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Actually I wondered about that quite a bit of late. I belive the "turn timer" should ONLY affect the "attack phase" and allow us to at least set the correct troop movement after a successfull attack. Afterwards a set amount of time (10, 15, 30 sec, based on the current game timer) could be used to place new armies (upon cashing in on defeated player's cards) or fortify our positions. Too many times I have found myself with useless troops du to them not moving forward on my last attack or have my new troops scartered all over the map because I ran out of time to properly place them. So MY solution would be to have set times for each "phase" of the game (Draft, Attack, Fortify) For 60 sec "turn": 10-60-10 For 120 sec turns: 20-120-20 For 3 min turns: 30s-3m-30s Etc. Furthermore, if an idle player does not do his draft portion himself, then the app simply skip the next 2 phases and move the the next player.

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John, and Michel these are really great suggestions! 

if an idle player does not do his draft portion himself, then the app simply skip the next 2 phases and move the the next player.

Michel the timer per phase with the extension you've suggested is brilliant. The only thing is the above comment about skipping attack etc, which we wouldn't go back to. This was pretty much how the older builds worked for afk players. It ended up causing bottlenecks and territory 'shields' for active players, and really skewed the gameplay.

I wasn't here then, can you explain those "bottlenecks" and "territory shields", I am not I sure I understand how waiting for the timer to run down could prevent this?
The game used to just skip a player who had left the game but each turn he would get his new troops randomly distributed. This would lead to a large build up of troops that could be used as a shield. For example let's say the red player left the game, I destroyed all of his territories that were left except the one in front of Australia because I own Australia. Then every turn 3 more red men would be placed there providing me a shield for Australia. The new way is much better. I like the timer idea!
Since my topic got merged here I'll repost my idea:

If you successfully attack a territory 5 sec should be added to the timer allowing the player time to advance troops the way they want and make another attack if they want. This would allow for long but productive turns. There is nothing worse than having the troops to eliminate a player only to have time run out just before you finish the job which allows another player to poach there cards. This could possibly allow for a speed game with a 30 sec turn time where turns are either quick or productive. In addition adding 30 sec for defeating a player would work well in combination with this. This could be implemented as an option or just make it for shorter game times. 5 min games certainly don't need this.


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A short term improvement could be to make it so that when a player has 5+ cards at the end of their turn the set troops are deployed to a random border territory instead of spread out everywhere. Alternatively the card bonus troops could be deployed to the border territory with the largest army in it.

In reply to what markus nelson said, I don't think his idea is good because that is part of the challenge in the game. Being quick and making quick judgement is a skill you need to have in RISK. A strategy I like to use is to let an opponent take out most of territories and then sneaking in and taking the cards.

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@Wolf Thorne, Markus's idea would actually allow for a game of quicker judgement with the 30 second turn idea. The 5 bonus seconds is only so you have enough time for you to physically make the attacks, not to plan them. Side note, you should also get 5 seconds whenever you fail a blitz to try to recuperate.

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Maxumus, part of the challenge to be speedy and do everything in limited time.

Another option would be to add a 60-90sec extension button that each player would get to use 1 or 2 times per game. 

In general, the turn timer on most gameplay options is too short. 2 minutes is not enough time on most maps to kill more than one player, make trades, place armies strategically, and fortify. 3 minutes is barely enough in some cases, and it changes the game from one of strategy to one that has more to do with how quickly you can attack. 

3 minutes has been plenty for me to clear the whole map starting from 1 territory as long as I have my route planned out. and that can include killing a couple of players on the way too. But i hate feeling rushed during very crucial moves. I sit there through the whole beginning of the game while people idle trying to make their one attack per turn. Why can't we find a way to get more time for when the game gets longer? I can only play 3 min games because of the ending rounds. The loss is a lot of waiting in the beginning but better than losing simply because I didn't already own half the map.

I'd like the idea of every roll or blitz you make, it adds 5 seconds. So as long as you are progressing forward with attacks, you will always have time. Let the 30 or 60 seconds be for planning the route and sticking out your tongue at players before destroying them.


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I actually really like that idea. However, I think that should be an option.

This is a MUST! After defeating an opponent, you need more time to plan your next strategy.

This is standard practice on most of the Risk websites and other Risk apps!

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