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24 hr+ RISK turn timers

IDEA: Asynchronous turn-based mode with 24 hr+ turn timers for slower-paced game. Multiple save game slots to support several ongoing games, and allow you to close the game and return back later.

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1 hour per coin....Also winning a game wins two coins
1 hour gets 1 coin unless u have a full bank..... Also winning a game u should win 2 coins

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The developers need revenue so I'm not sure giving away 1 token every hour would be a good idea - why would anybody pay for the game if you can play a game every hour...

However getting 2 tokens if you win a game would be great!

It's would be nice reward for the winner and give a greater incentive to play well. 

Yes! Until SMG allows us to filter our crappy players this would be a huge help in starting games with experienced players who don't always play when I do. Now you just need to add to it that we can challenge players on the leaderboard to a game, wait for everyone to accept then begin the game automatically.


It's great to see this suggestion being supported/created by the SMG team. I just wish we could see it in progress!

The problem: The current games could be considered "live games" with timers between 60 seconds and 8 minutes, these games require you to commit an undefined block of several hours to play. 


Example: I want to play with friends who live far apart and are too busy to set aside the hours required to play a "live game", especially since the number of hours required is undefined (it could last upwards of 4 hours on 8 minute timers).


Suggested solution: The main suggestion for solving this problem is to provide longer turn timers.


Idea embellishment:

  • Sensible timer durations could be 12, 24, 36 and 48 hours. It is unlikely that players will regularly use their full allotted time; it is reasonable to think that more often than not, a player will be ready to spend a couple of minutes making their move much before their timer runs out. Allotting someone up to 12+ hours to make a move simply allows them not to miss a go while they are asleep or at work and provides a worst case scenario limit.
  • If someone is regularly missing their moves (and therefore regularly making players wait the full allotted time), they will cause a drastic slow down to the game; perhaps a strike-based system should be implemented to boot a player who misses too many turns. Possibly the classic 3 strikes and you're out. Alternatively perhaps 4 non-consecutive strikes or 2 consecutive strikes and you're out.
  • As you have identified, it is currently only possible to play 1 game at a time. This is sensible since the turns are so short, but it would be a shame if a player could not participate in a "live game" because they had an "extended game" in progress, and it would be great if a player could participate in multiple "extended games" (3 seems like a sensible limit).


Alternative solutions: Other solutions I have seen proposed include the ability to "pause" a "live game" for a period agreed by all players. This doesn't seem like such a solid solution though.



Feature requests that are essentially duplicates of this one.

Unlimited timer requests

24 hour timer requests

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If the Connection problems will take a long time to resolve - then Daily games should definitely be the next big feature upgrade as it mitigates this issue... until SMG can finally provide a 100% reliable Live game mode!

The big Chess apps have developed an almost perfect method of implementing "long term" games: 




People can create any game they like, with all the options they prefer - and can choose over what time scale they want to play...

This feature would add even more reason for people to pay for Premium - as Live games can take hours to play so one online game a day, is enough for most casual players... therefore the token limit has only moderate impact 

However, Daily games, by their nature, allow for dozens of games to be running... so people paying for unlimited games is much more likely to happen 

Also, it would be much easier for friends to organise a game where they all play together - and drastically reduces the constant stream of players leaving a game half-way through... where you ultimately end up playing a Bot (which is what you wanted to avoid in the first place lol!)

Personally, I was quite surprised when this functionality wasn't present in the game when I downloaded it -  and I'm sure I 'm not the only one who thought that lol... because it pretty much comes as standard with most strategy type games so is fully expected

No doubt countess people immediately uninstalled when they realised it was only Live games...


SMG, please notice in the Chess app above, that it's possible to 

1)"Watch" other peoples games 

2) Choose the range of Ranks who can join

3) Choose whether the game will be used in your Rating 

All great features - which I hope you guys are looking to develop!


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