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What is the point of playing if you're just going to sit on a territory and collect cards? There needs to a troop limit on territories

 I prefer playing fixed card games with 6 players but holy lord, there are so many players that just get control of a continent and then collect cards.

If there's a Mexican standoff between 3-4 players and everyone just sits collecting cards because no one has an advantage.....guess what?  20 turns from now you'll still be collecting cards and no on will have an advantage.  The game will last forever if no one makes a move!

I swear I lose more games because of sheer boredom than skill or bad luck.  I don't know how or why people sit there attacking the same territory over and over to build up troops when their opponents are doing the exact same thing.

Players that sit and build up troops in Australia by attacking, collecting a card and then retreating are the worst.  They end up with a massive amount of troops in that one area.  They won't attack and nobody dares attack them.  What's the point of playing if you're going to do that crap?

There really needs to be a timer on games or rules that set a limit on the number of troops you can have on one territory.

The game is called RISK not CARD COLLECTING.

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Sorry but I disagree with this thread so far. If you've played against Masters and GMs, this is a very common strategy. Most play the "long" game, and I've learned a lot from them. If you want to play "speed" Risk, then stick to the less global maps like France, Simple Classic, non-advanced, etc maps. When I feel a little sadistic I play noobs and watch them annihilate each other and learn from their mistakes. Stay healthy & happy, but most of all, keep calm and carry on. Cheers
What “strategy” is that? To sit around until someone else gets bored and does something? I’ve been master ranked, currently expert rank. Winning or losing often depends on who gets suicided on it if you’re next to someone who gets bored and quits and they bot out. I play the game for fun. Sitting there for hours doing nothing isn’t fun. So, sorry, I disagree with you.
Been there - done that, regarding ranking - I've been a master a few times, but am now "just" an expert (by choice), primarily due to playing/learning against lower ranked individuals. We can agree to disagree. The "strategy" is to build up your strength until you can get the right timing and tempo. General Norman Schwarzkopf proved that in the Persian Gulf War victory. It's exhilarating - granted after waiting tedious minutes/hours - to finally "take the leap of faith/fate" and ultimately cower your more aggressive opponent(s). Sure, it's a high to be on the all-out offensive from the git go, but more often than not, it comes down to the mostest, not the firstest. Haste makes waste. I agree with you that it's dull and boring when one sits there watching all the action. And I also agree with you that when it's a mexican stand-off (MSO), there are no winners, just bored players. But I've noted lately that in the case of a MSO, whoever blinks first and pulls the trigger to launch, usually loses in the end. So one sits and waits for the right time. Again I repeat myself, the "long game". Stay healthy & happy, most of all - keep calm and carry on. Cheers

Dude.....if everyone sits around collecting cards and amassing troops the game goes on forever....that's not a "strategy".

Games like that always end the same way, somebody gets bored and suicides or quits and bots out.

There literally is no strategy to sitting there and waiting for someone else to do something.  And a "long game' is fine but most people don't have 5 hours to sit and play a game of Risk where people just attack one Asian territory over and over to collect cards.

It's the biggest flaw in the online communication.  In a board game of Risk you can talk to other everyone just sits there waiting for someone else to do something.

In my experience most games aren't won or lost because of skill, they're won or lost because of luck, be it good or bad and whether or not you get suicided on or whether or not a player doesn't confirm or just quits and bots out in game.

I've won and lost many games just because other players got fed up and quit or suicided on some other player.

I go through phases with online Risk where I play if for like a week and then don't play again for months and the reason is it's just not that fun because it's so random and too many players sit around doing nothing.

This post has been going on for almost a year now if not longer. To all the people that play this game and read these post should come to realize that they are not going to put a soldier limit on countries. That's never been part of the game and hopefully they never change it. Love ya
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