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extend turn timer

As it is today, all players will need to be online in order to play.

What my friends and I would like, is to play during day whenever you have a short break during the work day or evening.

I therefore suggest to have the possibility to extend turn timer to 12 and 16 hours.

Thereby you can also play over night

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Adding a 24hr timer would raise the game to another level!

Just like most Chess apps where you can take your turn at leisure - but I'm guessing this would require a major overhaul of the code so probably won't happen soon... although I really hope I'm wrong lol

I see lots of posts about this.

Tbh I can't believe it wasn't programmed this way in the first place with real time mode coming after.

So 2 years ago it was a priority, they wanted to add it - still not done clearly.

I can't really play without this.

If implemented I'll probably purchase everything the game has to offer, as will how many others?

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