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bug fixes, suggestion, and name change request

Hello I play Risk pretty frequently and noticed a couple bugs. I've noticed that many times it doesnt let you change colors even when other colors are available and I've also noticed that in game when you accidently hit the "?" above make alliance the words and everything flip and the card freezes. As for my suggestion I love the game but "skull bone island" or whatever its called and the blown  up maps of cities just arent as fun and playing the actual globe. My suggestion was that maybe you guys could make more variations and skins of the original map like the other map you have thats similar or make globe like maps that arent really earth. The final reason I contacted you is my google play name is TazzTheSpazz and I was wondering if I could change it to TazTheSpazz with one Z. Thanks!

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This meant to be a ticket lol.

My name is not able to change to what I want it to and I can't connect with friends to play with friends the game I'd will not work as a function when trying to connect to a friend hosting a game



I have a problem with Death Squared.

I finished the story and got trophy for it (Got My Money's Worth

Finish the Story)
I watched the credits (let them roll) and do not received trophy for it (FAME).

I restarted the lvl multiple times and watched the credits from Options menu - still no trophy.

Can you help me somehow?


Bugs and problem keeping me from purchasing: 1.When the host cancels the came, my tokens aren’t replenished. 2. Problems with iPhone X graphics 3. Cannot report Users that block other players 4. Cheating is getting much worse, not better. 5. Terrible customer service SMG- you need to spend more time pinning down these issues. It’s clear this game has a lot of potential. But you are losing customers before they even pay. Please get your act together, invest more money and manhours on this game and it could be worth 10 or 15 bucks to pay for.
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