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Filters for Online Games

I created a ticket with this request but am curious if others agree. I think filters to be used when scrolling through available online games would create a more convenient and efficient way for players to find and join the type of game they’re looking for. A series of boxes to check would allow players to set their preferences when browsing the available games. Most poker sites use a similar method to help players find their preferred game type. For example, a player who mostly plays Classic and U.S. maps, with progressive cards, and time limit 3m or higher can check those boxes and be shown those games and those games only. Players who don’t have preferences can simply check “show all games” and it will remain the same as it is now. And, of course, these filters can be changed by the player at any time. It’s clear that most players have game type preferences and I think this could create a more user friendly way to find and join other’s games. -Christian

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Hi Christian,

we are currently testing a version that contains this feature. If it turns out to work well, it will be part of one of the next updates.




Nice work on the new update. Filters look great and I’m looking forward to trying out the new game modes! -Christian
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