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Leaving games

Hello, I believe that there needs to be a punishment for leaving games within the first few turns! I am a big fan of playing against real people, not the bots when they surrender and leave. If it was possible to do an hour or two punishment upon leaving games before say 10 or even 7 turns of gameplay that would increase human competition greatly i believe! I see alot of people who leave games after the first turn or two after some bad rolls and luck (I'm guilty before as well) and if i wanted to play bots i wouldnt play online! I think it would do wonders and improve competition by fighting for survival and your time playing! Just an opinion. [New to the community of risk great game and want to help improve it!] Thanks for hearing me out, Shamoke23

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I agree with you guys but how would risk solve this problem?
I like to win as well but I try to make the best out of rough starting spots and heart breaking rolls lol. I honestly don't mind my rank in all about auto countries and fixed turn ins to keep it all chance pretty much. I don't think people would pay another premium accounts just to cheat, who wants to play against themselves like that and pay when rank really doesn't mean anything?
By a player that paid I'm telling you guys people will use two accounts to use to win.
I can't win a game without allies and when you find out a player is actually against you you hope for anyone to join you but when you find out he is the same player you want to quit. There you go that's the problem.
Holy cow dude winning doesn't do anything your insane. I paid too and I win without cheating or getting a perfect start sometimes and when I don't i understand bc it's 1/6 ppl playing and I can't win every time. After everything I'm reading it sounds like you and other players with yoyr mentality are the problem lol. Your literally saying you will cheat to ensure your win every time? Your not a master your a fraud.
I don't think you see my point.
The problem is how are we going to stop people from using two accounts.
Maybe if read hard enough you will see what I'm saying.
Premium is a one-off purchase you don’t need to buy it for each account you make.
How many people use two accounts? If so that's rediculous people really cheat like that for a useless rank?? I just don't wanna play bots looking for matches against ppl ughh.
Most people play fair. The best way to avoid cheaters is to host your own game as cheaters typically host their own.

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Hey guys I'm back we should play a game sometime?
Ok when is SMG going to check this? I want there opinion on this.

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Ah that's an awesome idea ty haha, and is it when you cannot turn a person's profile in game (the thing where ya ask to attack or make an alliance) that's how you know they left?

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Opinion on? 
Opinion on using multiple accounts or playing with a friend deliberately to team up and win. Don't do that, its cheating, even if its 2 seperate people. If you are reported we will punish players for that.

Opinion on the feature this topic is about. I think there might be a lot of angry new players. But, the primary problem is that there is no way to detect the difference between disconnecting or force closing the app via their device. Which then makes the feature obsolete once people figure out they can just force close to avoid waiting.

- Phillip@SMG

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