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Leaving games

Hello, I believe that there needs to be a punishment for leaving games within the first few turns! I am a big fan of playing against real people, not the bots when they surrender and leave. If it was possible to do an hour or two punishment upon leaving games before say 10 or even 7 turns of gameplay that would increase human competition greatly i believe! I see alot of people who leave games after the first turn or two after some bad rolls and luck (I'm guilty before as well) and if i wanted to play bots i wouldnt play online! I think it would do wonders and improve competition by fighting for survival and your time playing! Just an opinion. [New to the community of risk great game and want to help improve it!] Thanks for hearing me out, Shamoke23

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Interested to see what the community thinks of this idea :)

- Phillip@SMG

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I don't agree with you because what if someone gets hurt or wifi turns off in there game or even family issues. I see how you feel but that just dumb as heck to do that. No one deserves to be punished for existing the game I mean they already have you lose some rank points for leaving.
We should have SMG make a Korea map because I'm pretty over with the New York maps.
Honestly rank points don't mean much, and disconnection can be unpunished but physically hitting surrender leaving early should be punished. By delaying quitters by just an hour or two will cut back on terrible competition.

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And if someone gets hurt or has family issues than sitting out an hour or two wouldn't affect them honestly too, I understand what you mean but it would be nice to not play 3/6 bots after the first turn
Doing this would be to much confusion and cause a bug because the game won't know the difference from a guy quitting and disconnect from the app.
I'm sure the game can figure physically leaving and hitting surrender
Excellent idea!

When people try to quit - a warning should pop up saying that leaving will prevent them playing again for x hours...

Too many people seem to start a game - and then leave just because they don't like the how their troops were spawned etc...


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Excatly! Nothing wrong with having to try harder for some survival and stratagy! Ppl should have to roll with the punches a bit!
Hmm can't fight that you guys explained me when I get a bad spot
Me as a Master must win. I can't have a horrible spot. Australia and South America are the best spots in the beginning which you want to win. But when I don't get them I get mad and quit the game and hop with someone else.
I most of the time play with friends and team up with him and take out the enemies. Which I don't call cheating.
If there was this people that paid would quit. But this would show who is the best in rank. Which then this would go into people who have lots of accounts and use them to team up on others. So now we have another problem.
And I don't think Risk would no the difference between another guy and another fake account so?
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