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Alliance Notification

I've seen advanced ideas around alliance options, being unable to break the alliance, alliance for X number of turns - all great ideas.

How about another simple alliance feature?

Notify the game board, or show current alliances at a glance in the player list within the game. Would be nice to know who's allied with who at a glimpse and/or receive notification of alliances made/broken... kinda how it works playing risk irl.

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Chat functionality would solve this, and many other issues!

I am all in favor of greater chat functions - for sure.

But I disagree that it would solve this. Chat could even allow players to mislead the others by with words while creating or maintaining an alliance using the feature as it exists today.

The request is for a transparent alliance feature that would notify when an alliance is made or broken.  Icing on top if you can see all alliances at a glance at any given time.

Alliance notifications would be interesting. If 2 players ally then other players could consider that option as a counter stratagy. Perhaps public or private alliances could be a setting. I dont like the idea of alliances being enforced by the game. The real world isnt like this. Not knowing for sure if your ally will attack adds to the strategic considerations. If you all do add chat, please make that as an on/off setting. I play on a small phone and i cant imagine trying to keep up with all that. Plus I dont want to see all the whining and name calling etc.. Maybe a small list of short statements like zynga poker has.

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