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Hrvoje Barbara - Blatant Cheating

This player is listed as a Master. I have played hundreds of hours of this game, so I recognize cheating. Hrvoje Barbara somehow could cause a player’s turn to be skipped and also seemed able to place unearned points to territories. I have experienced the “skipped turn” before, but never as blatant, and thought perhaps it was just a blip — but NO WAY this was. He, she, it would go until they were in a precarious position and then execute this cheat. Also somehow points were being added to territories that were impossible to occur under normal play — you can’t tell where this is coming from, but my HIGH suspicion is this player has “hacked” the game to achieve this result as well. Completely destroys the enjoyment of the game - should be banned.

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Brbora, not Barbara — auto correct kicked in
Dams just happened to me playing against a master. My turn was skipped and the master turned in two card matches putting me out of the game.
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