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In every types of game, the role of bots is to add challenge and make the game more entertaining. However in Risk, it's the other way around since bots seem to be programmed to attack the weaker players. Thus, facilitating the strongest player's way to victory. Since bots are ineluctable from a game (Players quitting), there's no way to escape their obnoxious presence. Furthermore, bots don't even seem to work properly since sometime they freeze for an extensive part of the game. Wouldn't it be more enjoyable if you could simply delete the bots option from the game? Or at least stop making players who quit become bots, and simply let their territories intact as when they left. They will be reconquered by other players as the game will continue.

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True, the Bots often play to the advantage of the strongest player lol

Like you say, when creating a game, there should be a "No Bots" option which just leaves the troops as they are if/when a player leaves and skips their turn every round...

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