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Adjustment on Blitz mode

 Blitz is a time saving and useful mode BUT sometimes the dice rolls is unfavorable and you loose all your troops or many more than you'd like. It is also programed to attack even after having only 3 troops meaning you attack against odds...

To have control over this I prefer the standard mode but this could be time consuming and sometimes annoying, especially in large army battles.

What if you could decide in advance how many troops you are willing to lose in Blitz mode or at least automatically stop when you're no longer able to attack with 3 dice???

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ALSO ... along the same lines, computer-attacks are FAR faster giving them a HUGE advantage in Timed Games ... and therefore, also humans who are more dextrous/have better internet connections. There should be a mode where you drag/plot your Blitz course and then the computer does it without the fancy animations/slow downs and does it at the speed of the Bots!

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