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Improving The Main Game Screen...

Instead of asking for more additions to the game (which never get done lol!) - I'll try asking for some things to be removed instead... as it would be quicker and easier to do!


1) The text "Your Turn / Opponents Turn" at the Top Middle of the screen is absolutely unnecessary!

We can see whose turn it is already thanks to the Logo at the Bottom of the screen...

This text gets in the way of seeing the map clearly... therefore, please remove!

2) The "Question Mark" in the Top Right of the screen is absolutely unnecessary!

If you know Risk, and certainly after you've played the app a few times - you don't need the Help info anymore!

It's distracting and clutters up the screen... 

Most games have a Setting which gives the option to Hide these Tips... therefore, please remove the Question Marks!

3) At least a quarter of the screen is wasted by showing the other side of the map!

It may seem useful - but it would be even more useful to see the map as large and spread out as possible... 

There are issues with touches not being recognised correctly - especially in South America... which a larger map area would hopefully resolve 

It would be better to have the map scroll left and right - instead of the way it is now... therefore, please remove the wasted space!

PS: Phil, it's been over a month since the last update - when is the next one coming out... you gonna break your promise are ya?!  

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