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Simple Way To Improve The Dice...

The dice really do need to be looked at - it seems to be the biggest complaint on the Play Store... which means the game gets a bad reputation and loses a lot of potential paying customers!

Things which should be extremely rare - happen far too often in the game... losing 10 troops against 2 is certainly statistically possible, but only once in a blue moon... not three times in every game lol

Why not produce two Dice algorithms - and allow users to choose in the Settings, which one they want to play with... 

The first would be "Standard" Dice - which is based on the M-Twister "Matrix" you have now...

The second could be "Balanced" Dice - which is modified to have less extreme results...

This could be achieved by adding some limitations and extra criteria - the simplest way would be to put a limit on how many troops can be lost when attacking...

For example = 20 attack 4... program it so the attacker can only lose, say 50% more than the defender... so the spread of troops that can be lost with such an attack is between 0 and 6, and no more than 6!


The percentage used will have to be carefully selected - and can even be made to differ according to how big or small the attack is... but as a general rule, I think this would easily remedy the problem for most people


When everyone keeps losing far more troops than they kill - it understandably makes them angry, and drives them away from playing... and most importantly, paying for, the game! 

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Nobody will get angry Phil - just add the selected Dice option underneath the selected Card option (Fixed/Progressive) so people can see in advance how the game has been set up...

In the end - Standard Dice will quickly become unpopular... as most people will play Balanced Dice, just like most people play the Classic Map lol

Having Truly Random Dice would be nice - but will take much time and effort to perfect... so SMG may not bother trying lol

Balanced Dice is easy to code - and more importantly... will keep users happy, so will be more likely to pay for the game lol


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I think the dice should just have a 1/6 chance of being each number each time and go from there. Yes computers can't be completely random but they can come close enough.

These are some decent ideas, I can see people getting angry over the 2 options when trying to find games though.

- Phillip@SMG

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