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Game With 'Experts' or higher?

Since a lot of players want to achieve higher ranking, could a feature be set up where we can open a game, but limit those that join to be specific rank or higher? Ex: I'd like to only allow Intermediate, Expert, Master, or Grandmaster ranked players

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This is super important! Especially since as a master or expert level, I don't get much credit for beating novices, yet it seems to hurt my ranking even more i lose against a novice or beginner. When i start a game i get flooded with novices and hardly ever see high level people

Novices will make up the overwhelming majority of players out there - so finding higher ranked people is naturally gonna be difficult!

It would be interesting if SMG added an extra "Global Info" screen - which gave stats on how many total players there are at the different ranks, different countries etc etc... 

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