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Smarter ai

If you're going to have an expert mode can you at least make the computer play smart. Someone will have a territory completed and they'll have two troops on one piece of the. The computer will have 7 and won't attack. Your ai sucks! Why haven't you dont something about this. It's not that difficult. Expert should play like expert.

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AI is actually extremely difficult to program bro!

The Bots definitely play very poorly - but most people play online as that is the real joy of the game... so I hope SMG focus on the problems with game first, before looking at improving the AI

Having said that - I think one quick and easy improvement they could do... is increase the priority the Bots have on weakening the strongest player and breaking any held continents... 

It seems that right now - the Bots attention in mainly on gaining/keeping as much territory as possible... which is why they are so easy to defeat lol

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Right! Then they'll do something stupid like go on a rampage. I usually just play with my friends online. But I like to have 6 players at all times. But you're right it is difficult to program and I think if they set it for how you said that would be best. It has gotten smarter over time.
There must be a different AI for progressive and fixed. And they need to be much more sophisticated looking at the value of sets, total number of troops they need to kill to eliminate each opponent, number of cards all players hold, and have the ability to "project" the future when making decisions.

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What I mean by project the future is the AI need to be able to imagine what might happen in the round if they were in the position of every other player.

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This still needs to be improved IMO

It may not be easy I suppose with additional class of rules but some common sense logic appears to be missing or overlooked in how the AI plays. It certainly needs a good looking at with test plays. Doing 2 players 3-4 AI all that happens it seems is the AI collectively decides to target one player and goes all out against him, yet alliances are disabled. It isn't fun when it is you, then the other person in the next game. It is too extreme and seems pointless in even playing. Irrespective of player placement, troop count, territory count nor continents owned. When it is all vs 1 you have no bonus that applies to offset this and just lose.

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