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Better Moderation/Feedback on this Forum

When this forum was first started, there were several people from SMG that would reply to topics, update what was being worked on, etc. Lately, I haven't seen anyone from SMG on here, what's being worked on has not been updated in a long time, and frankly this forum feels ignored. There's a lot of great suggestions here, but who knows if/when they will be implemented. Also, I had trouble creating a game today. I waited several minutes, but the most people that joined at a time was 1. I know this wasn't the case a while ago, so this and the lack of input on the forums makes me wonder if this game is going under...


We are indeed playing attention to the forum's. A lot of the issues people are having are actively being worked on, I just have no few information to provide. We are committed to the long term success if RISK, we not not intend to get it go under. As for new features, they are still in the pipeline but slowed due to the important issues that need to be fixed first, such as you one you have experienced. Once these issues are addressed we will be right back onto new features.

- Phillip@SMG

Thanks for the feedback! It's good to here you are still working on new features and bugs. And it's nice to see you do pay attention to the forums.

This place only gets a couple of posts a day, if that - so it wouldn't take more than 5 minutes every day, to read and reply to everything being said here... 

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